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Rocket Pool Resources

A collection of resources and tools to search or browse.

Official Website
The official Rocket Pool website.
The official Rocket Pool documentation
The Rocket Pool whitepaper.
A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers.
DAO Forum
The official Rocket Pool DAO forum.
Rocket Pool Github
The Rocket Pool Github and repositories.
Rocket Pool Audits
The results of the Rocket Pool contract audits.
Rocket Pool Contract Addresses
The official RPL and rETH contract addresses on L1 and L2.
Rocket Pool Discord
Official Rocket Pool Discord, home of the infamous #trading.
Rocket Pool Twitter
Official Rocket Pool Twitter.
Rocket Pool Reddit
Official Rocket Pool Reddit.
Rocket Pool Medium
Official Rocket Pool Medium.
Rocket Pool Telegram
Official Rocket Pool Telegram Announcements channel.
RP Twitter List 1 (less noise)
An aggressively curated Twitter list of Rocket Pool advocates with lower noise.
RP Twitter List 2 (more noise)
A more inclusive Twitter list of Rocket Pool fans with greater noise.
RP Investment Thesis - V2
An updated Rocket Pool investment thesis written by Xer0.
Rocket Pool Tokenomic Analysis
An analysis of Rocket Pool's tokenomics by LogrisTheBard.
RP Investment Thesis - Original
The original Rocket Pool investment thesis written by Xer0.
RP Investment Thesis - Speculative Edition
A speculative addition of the Rocket Pool investment thesis written by PSY_TWEAK.
RP Investment Thesis - Price To Earnings Ratio
A Rocket Pool investment thesis froma price-to-earnings ratio written by boodle.
Why Rocket Pool Will Win Staking Wars
An article covering the advantages of Rocket Pool and why it will become the dominant staking platform.
Staking Portal
Start staking your ETH and receive rETH.
Migrate Old RPL to New RPL
Official tool to swap your old RPL for the new RPL.
View Rocket Pool market data, price charts, exchanges, and other info.
VGR Metrics Dashboard
A dashboard to monitor network and individual metrics and activity.
Rocket Pool Greywizard Dune Dashboard
A Rocket Pool overview dashboard that tracks and displays various network metrics.
Node Operator RPL Yield Calculator
A calculator that plots the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for RPL staked within Rocket Pool Nodes.
Ken Gas Estimates Spreadsheet
A gas estimation spreadsheet for different Rocket Pool operations.
Rocket Pool Tool
A calculator to estimate node operator revenue and compare it to solo staking.
PSY_TWEAK Moon Math Sheet
A moon math spreadsheet for RPL price predictions.
Rocket Pool Beta 3 Leaderboard
A leaderboard for node operator rewards in beta 3.
Rocket Ratio Gang
A fun RPL/ETH ratio tracker on our path to the moon.
Staking Services Comparison List
A list of staking services and how they compare. Canvas Bot
A bot for decentralize graffiti drawing with canvases.
RPL Tokenomics Calculator
A spreadsheet calculator for RPL tokenomics including inflation, yield, and collateral.
Rocket Pool Dashboard
View Rocket Pool minipools and validator info.
Awesome Rocket Pool Resource Links
A collection of Rocket Pool resource links.
Rocket Pool Resource Links
A collection of Rocket Pool resource links.
Greywizard Whale Watching Dashboard
A dashboard to track RPL whale activity.
Whale Watching Dashboard Query
A Dune query to monitor whale activity.
Liquid Staking Tracker
A dashboard to track liquid staking protocols and their marketshare.
RPL Holders List
A ranked list of RPL holders and balances.
Comprehensive Node Operator Guides
Guides on selecting platform & hardware, running clients efficiently, and securing systems.
Hardware Selection
A hardware selection guide with different setup options and specs.
Securing Your Node
A list of steps you can take to secure your node against malicious actors.
The Best Ways To Secure Your SSH Server
Secure your Linux systemโ€™s SSH connection to protect your system.
Security Best Practices For Validator
A complete guide with the best practices to secure your staking validator node.
Home Staking Security Questions
A discussion on security issues when staking from home.
Netcup Initial Setup For Rocket Pool
How to setup Netcup for RocketPool or solo staking.
Remote Node Monitoring
How to set up your validator too seamlessly access it remotely from anywhere.
Decentralized Graffiti Drawing Tool Demo
How to setup and participate in collaborative graffiti drawing.
Ethereum 2.0 Physical and Linux Security
Validator physical and Linux security, ideas, discussion and demonstration.
Instructions for Using and Aegis Secure Key
How to set up Apricorn Aegis Secure Key with Rocket Pool.
A VPS Guide for Rocket Pool
Selecting and setting up a virtual private server (VPS) for your node.
Netdata Quick Install & Config Guide
A getting started guide for Netdata and your Rocket Pool node.
Pruning Geth on your Rocket Pool node
A quick guide to help you configure your node to run a Geth pruning script.
Mentor's Script to Prune Geth in RP's Native Docker Setup
A script to prune Geth on your validator node.
Yorick's ETH2-docker Hardware Guide
Recommended hardware for your validator.
Explainer Series Part 1 - Overview And Users
Covers Rocket Pool protocol designs, users, rETH, and minipools.
Explainer Series Part 2 - The Oracle Node And Protocol DAO's
Covers the purpose and function of the Protocol DAO (pDAO) and Oracle DAO (oDAO).
Explainer Series Part 3 - RPL & Tokenomics
Covers RPL, tokenomics, inflation, rewards, the DAOs, and treasury.
Rocket Pool Team AMA w/ EthStaker
The Rocket Pool team answers questions from EthStaker and the community.
Bug Bounty
Rocket Pool's bug bounty program with Immunify.
A collection of answers for frequently asked questions.
A collection of answers for frequently asked questions.
Rocket Pool Explainer Series: Part One - Logic Beach
Covers Rocket Pool protocol designs, users, rETH, and minipools.
Rocket Pool Explainer Series: Part Two - Logic Beach
Covers the purpose and function of the Protocol DAO (pDAO) and Oracle DAO (oDAO).
Rocket Pool Explainer Series: Part Three - Logic Beach
Covers RPL, tokenomics, inflation, rewards, the DAOs, and treasury.
Rocket Pool Tokenomics EthStaker Discussion
EthSTaker discusses Rocket Pool's tokenomics.
EthStaker Community Call #3 - All about Rocket Pool
The Rocket Pool team joins EthStaker to discuss the project and staking.
EthStaker Community Call #14 - David Rugendyke
David Rugendyke joins EthStaker to discuss what withdrawals to smart contracts mean for decentralized staking pools.
Rocket Pool Quiz Game
An EthStaker quiz stream on Rocket Pool put together by the community.
Who Manages Keys
jcrtp on who manages the validator withdrawal keys.
Examining Security Considerations for Staking
Covers various threat vectors to secure your validator against.
Staking and Security
Covers how you can secure your validator.
Bankless Newsletter - How Ethereum Can Democratize ETH2 Staking
Crypto Briefing - Defi Project Spotlight - Rocket Pool, Staking Service for Ethereum 2.0
Shrimpy Academy - What Is Rocket Pool?
Bankless - Interview w/ CTO David Rugendyke
Bankless - David Hoffman on RocketPool Mechanics
EthHub Weekly - Why Rocketpool is Truly Decentralized
Rocket Fuel
A daily summary of all the happenings in the Rocket Pool community.
Rocketscan Explorer
An explorer for minipools, nodes, queue, tvl, proposal snapshots, DAO info, and other stats.
Rocket Arb
Arbitrage rETH mint/burn with minipool deposit/withdrawal.
Rocket Pool Subgraph
Subgraphs to index rETH activity and provide historical rewards for the hourly rETH oracle snapshots.
Rocket Pool Twitter Bot
A Twitter bot account that tweets network stats.
ZigZag rETH/ETH Market Maker Bot
Market making bot using on-chain rETH ratio to provide liquidity on ZkSync L2 thanks to ZigZag Exchange.
The RPL Astronaut Cat by Antoine
Astronaut cat space meme video by Antoine on 21-May-2021.
'Twas the night before Rocket Pool
Meme video by jtnichol.eth and u/GibsonStyle on 19-Apr-2021.
Rocket Pool Poem
I Take Your Stakers
There Will Be Blood meme video by contraband.eth on 20-Feb-2022.
One Protocol to Rule Them All
Lord of the Rings meme video by contraband.eth on 18-Feb-2022.
RPL Cat Vibing to Rocket Pool Song
Meme video by antoine on 15-Nov-2021.
Simplified Rocketpool Node Setup
Setting up a Rocket Pool node with the most commonly recommended hardware for staking.
Rocket Pool Community
Rocket Pool KIV Dune Dashboard
A Rocket Pool overview dashboard that tracks and displays various network metrics.
Wagyu Key Generator
Wagyu is a graphical key generation tool developed by StakeHouse.
rETH is the new wETH
Bighands makes a case for rETH to replace wETH in defi.
LSD Insurance, Illustrated
A visual overview of the insurance protection behind popular Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs).